Those of us who work with the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology believe in the emotional power of creating and telling stories.

The history of the human being, shows us that the best way to transmit values ​​and beliefs, is through stories, in which people identify with the characters and the problem.

That’s why Games of Trhones, is followed by millions of people and closes the saga with this phrase ….

What unites people? Armies? Gold? Flags? Stories. There’s nothing in the world more powerful than a good story.

Those of us who love the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology help people to build and share their stories.

We know that when people manage to bring magic to the way they tell them, they connect with emotions and get others to identify with their characters.

Those are the stories that get the highest level of approval in the groups.

The art of creating and telling stories is one of the few things that has remained throughout the history of mankind.

The way of counting them has evolved but its elements are still Characters involved in a problem, in which a conflict must be resolved.

If the story is good and, have magic, its characters varied, the problem, attracts, excites and allows you to identify with them.

The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology allows us to build stories in a language that is expressed through the 3 dimensions.

In our stories, there is also text, colors, shapes, sizes, textures, minifigures and animals that are our characters, villains and heroes, and wonderful metaphors that make the Lsp experience, a trip to the 4th dimension, where reason and the emotions are mixed in a unique and memorable experience,

Thanks to the experience and emotions that LSP awakens is Hard Fun.

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