As a fellow LSP facilitator, I’m reaching out with an unusual request to help non-LSP facilitators. I’ve been participating in several online discussions hosted by the all-volunteer Global Facilitators Serving Communities (GFSC) in support of Ukrainian facilitators to better understand their situation. Those able to leave Ukraine for other countries shared with us their challenges finding work opportunities when they’re seen primarily as refugees.

As one facilitator commented, “I’m dealing with who I was then vs. who I am now.”

It’s hard to imagine escaping the trauma of war, worried about family and friends back home, uncertain of how long they’ll stay, and when or if they can return home – and not being able to find work in their profession.

That’s why my GFSC colleagues and I are reaching out to members of other global facilitator communities to connect and network with those who have been displaced. This help may include sharing:

  • insight on any differences in how facilitation is perceived and applied
  • what professional communities may be helpful
  • how and where business development opportunities may be found, etc.; basically, whatever will help those in a new country better understand and adapt to its business language, customs, and culture.

I reached out to LSP’s Robert Rasmussen and Per Kristiansen after hearing from a Ukrainian facilitator who relocated to Denmark and needed networking help. They graciously agreed to connect with this person, regardless of any potential interest in working with LSP.

If you’re interested and willing to help this way and be part of this informal  support network, please email me at

I appreciate your consideration of this special request. Thank you.