What does it mean to be a trainer in the Association?
Naturally, different groups and different communities of practise have different paths to becoming a trainer. Each community has own values, principles and believes.

First, let’s clarify the terminology for us a facilitator is a person using the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method to help groups of people to create solutions or solve problems. A trainer is a person who trains facilitators in the method, so that the facilitator can run the workshops. A Master-Trainer is some one training trainers so that they can train facilitators.

In the Association of Master Trainers we have decided that it is a pre-requisite for all trainers to have a strong client and end-user experience. In order to be accepted into the training as a trainer of facilitators, the aspiring trainer needs to have done many workshops, and many different types of workshops with the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method.

To put it plainly, we don’t believe that you can teach other to fish, until you have actually been fishing your self, and have been fishing in many different kinds of water in different conditions.

Therefore, becoming a trainer is not a short-term window of opportunity, it I not a momentary opening in the market that one exploits and then moves on.

It is a long-term commitment, a belief, in the method and a drive for making work-life more meaning full  for the individuals, and for making organizations more successful.

In practical terms, once the applicant has entered into the process of becoming a trainer it typically takes a couple of years. The steps includes writing two papers, observing a number of sessions, participating in a two day “in-person” training program, and then co-delivering with a Master Trainer.  Upon a successful co-delivery the applicant is graduated as a trainer.

The two-day program is delivered by Robert Rasmussen and Per Kristiansen together and typically has 3-5 participants.

Our vision is not to have as many facilitators or as many trainers as possible, our vision is to create real and lasting impact with the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method, and we believe that the path to that is paved with experienced and strong facilitators and Trainers of Facilitators.