It was good and it’s get better every year. That sense of being part of something that has potential, that makes you feel like this could be the thing … that grew from 2011 (my first time) toward a great global meeting in 2019 where the Association of Master Trainers of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method is proud to host 200 people coming from 43 countries. The participants exchange insights, share experiences and collaborate based on talent, inspiration, ignoring borders, respecting differences and grow a community on its way using collective intelligence;  to harness the power of a group to solve problems and achieve goals that an individual can not accomplish alone.

Let’s walk you through some moments of our yearly gathering in Billund, capital city of LEGO®, inspirational environment for LEGO SERIOUS PLAY (LSP).


We started of on Sunday, inviting the trained facilitators to catch up and refresh on the learning points and techniques that make the method work. In different workshops, we talked and build on topics of the history of LSP, the design of workshops and crafting good questions, the importance of starting a workshop with the F… tower and practicing on techniques.


Where some participants had already the opportunity to network on Sunday evening, others arrived on Monday morning. The Association received guests with breakfast and a warm welcome and so we started the conference.

After the official opening by the founders of the Association and catching up on the things that happened during the year up till this conference, we started with the presentations. Always challenging since we are the group of people that like to use the bricks to share stories instead of working with PowerPoint. So, what happens in almost every presentation, is that we get one or two brick-exercises where we exchange insights with out neighbors. It is by building and sharing you keep focused as an participant on what the presenter wants to present ! Try it in your PowerPoint meetings !


Like on every conference you pick your moments where you feel the presentation will either challenge you or contributes to your interests or business. And so I also had my inspirational moments from all those colleagues who shared their experiences.

We had stories on international collaborations, biased insights on your position as a facilitator, military tactics and key-learning points after 50 workshops. Did you ever think of workshops where a cities’ impact on people’s happiness was the topic, or doing math in high school using LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method or breaking down bureaucratic barriers so children can go on a field trip ? What about a digital transformation project, or aligning Italian governmental organizations, career planning and stakeholder management.

We were also very happy to highlight the Associations effort to support a pro bono initiative in Turkey of the facilitator who applied for it with an almost impossible challenge in his area.

And from all these great stories I like to address one thing that every facilitator has experienced (… since I loved his quote during the presentation);

What is that ? Since a successful delivery doesn’t come by itself: “Sometimes you have to sit on a Pineapple.” (Richard Gold)


On day one and two there is always the possibility to go for a morning run. Some, maybe I should say a few of us, take up the challenge. By the way …not me … I like to walk. A bit like with the Association …

Besides all the sharing …what makes the Association great is the simple fact that we take it step-by-step to grow the community. Not giving in on quality, not setting impossible targets,  involving as many facilitators as reasonable possible …

And yes, it takes time, sometimes a bit too much, but it makes the growth a sustainable one. So, for example … at the moment regional communities grow, both in a digital supported way as well with regional gatherings endorsed by the Association. A couple of facilitators organize ‘digital coffee chats’ and address specific items to discuss; others experiment with local support groups. Organizations who are searching for facilitators can address questions to the Association through this channel (click on it), on a global basis. Research is supported and gathered on a special website …with additional trainings facilitators can grow on expertise and there is more to come.


The community days ends traditionally with an Open Space Program, where innovative and challenging topics are discussed amongst each other. And after we close the program with a monumental picture on the roof of the LEGO HOUSE … the longing for next years conference starts. See you in on October 5th– 6th 2020.