This was my first time to facilitate a workshop using LSP to help a church workforce.  The pastor-in-charge of the church expected the session could help the team of seven (including herself) to walk closer to Jesus Christ together, with a hidden agenda to foster the team get acquainted with each other.  Hence, I designed the workshop with below flow and in each technique contains the core process (posing a question, construction, sharing & reflection):

 Introduction of the workshop

Skill building 1.0—building a tower

Skill building 2.0—building with instruction

Skill building 2.1—(build the variation based on 2.0) add anything to represent “God’s grace to you”

Skill building 3.0—(make a story) an ideal client

AT1—my relationship with Jesus

AT1—how to walk closer to Jesus

AT2—how to walk closer to Jesus as a team

Wrap up—it’s just a beginning of your journey of unity


After this 3-hour workshop, the participants had below feedback:

 “It was a good way to review God’s work and grace on me.  I had a chance to reflect my input and difficulties in my journey of faith.  It helped me to reflect how should I get closer to God.”

“A very creative method.  It is suitable for the secondary school students and adults to make use of their creativity for the reflection and meditation on the relationship among self, God and others.  The workshop contained both group interaction and personal meditation.”

“It allowed me to share my thoughts without worrying others’ criticisms.  It allowed the team to hear each other’s sharing.”

“God’s grace is abundant, and I thank God for this.”

“It allowed me to know each colleague’s feelings and understand more about their personalities, thank you.  It would be great if there are more co-work tasks, in order to know each other more.”

“Building Lego bricks is fun!  It allowed me to think through building.  It is great to turn an idea into real model.”

“It was a new experience to me to build Lego models.  It allowed me to hear the colleagues’ sharing on experiencing God.  What we need next is to think how we continue the journey towards God.”

 As a facilitator, I am grateful to have this group of nice clients.  Their feedback and appreciation are encouraging.  Although some pitfalls of the workshop were noted in my own reflection, this was a precious experience to both my clients and myself.  Different new journeys are ahead of us.