How do you know you are choosing the right action?

In LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, we have so-called standard workshop applications.  The Real Time Strategy for Enterprise is one of the standard applications for any organization, business, non-profit, schools or any other. The essence of the standard application is to draw out your own guiding principles to make better decisions in an unexpected situation. As of mid-March, 2020, we are in the most difficult situation everywhere in the world.  No one could possibly expect several months ago.

In this difficult time, we find ourselves surrounded by many agents including government, media, social anxiety, optimistic view, disappointment … Agents are visible and invisible entities that all give an impact on your decision in critical moments. The countless agents seem to behave randomly while giving influence to one another. If you had a bird view, you can see the whole society now is forming a kind of shape through acting and reacting to big impacts. The shape may represent a fear or a strong will to fight against the situation depending on the choices of action each agent makes. The world we live in is a complex adaptive system like this.  We should remind we are also agents within the system but have a free will to choose our own actions.

We make hundreds of small decisions every day and especially these days. whether you should go to a nearby supermarket to buy some more grocery knowing exposure to a public place has a risk, or if you should put a mask when you meet and chat with your closest friends while you don’t want to be rude to someone you love. How do you choose which action you would take? How do you know that is a better choice for you?

Of course, we need to make some critical business decisions for our work, too. Whether you should cancel your next April workshop, whether you should tell your clients they still need to proceed with their planned workshop because the workshop is critical for their next 12-month business although your HR sponsor is scared of having any kind of meeting…etc. How do you choose your next action? How do you know you are making the right decision for your organization, and for your client?

We tend to think whatever we experience and learn in the workshop is so much applicable to their real life and real business. However, in LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method, that is very different.  When we play in a safe and secured LEGO SERIOUS PLAY environment, we tend to spot the most realistic essence in our life and business. Our value, our belief, our emotional responses, our logic… If we hold what we found about ourselves in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® experience, we can use them to reflect our own thinking, especially in critical moments. “Am I making the right decision?”, ” Is this going to help me pursue to become what I want to be? “, “Are we making a step in the right direction to come closer to our business goal?”

In order for us to reflect and make sure we are making good decisions, we need to refer to principles made of our values and belief. That, of course, is Simple Guiding Principles or S.G.P., that is something we need to pull out from our LEGO SERIOUS PLAY experience. If you did not have a chance to experience it, find and ask your nearby facilitator of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method, certified by the association of master trainers in LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method.

We all need our own S.G.P.

We need it now and we need to use it now.