The Association of Master Trainers in the LEGO®SERIOUS PLAY® method every year donates LEGO SEROIUS PLAY materials to one or more facilitators, who use these materials to deliver workshops and projects (at no cost)  to disadvantaged groups. The intent is to bring the method to groups which has not previously experienced LEGO SERIOUS PLAY, who would not under normal circumstances be able to afford, and who are faced with challenges that seems not to be solved by existing approaches

In 2020 The Association is happy to announce that this year’s LSP product donations have been awarded to:

Mayara Tatibana Bortolotto from Brazil

Elizabeth (Liz) Laing from South Africa

Mayara’s project:

The goal is to bring more clarity about the challenges, initiatives and treatment of underprivileged, gifted children in the Brazilian educational system. Clarity is needed, because these students, identified or not, are affected by psychological and emotional suffering so great that they might find it a punishment being gifted. Many do not know how to deal with their skills and end up developing aggressiveness, inappropriate behavior, anxiety, depression and even commit suicide.

Through sessions with educators, other professionals and students about the challenges and possible initiatives can increase the number of young people identified with giftedness and attended in order to develop with quality. Session offerings will be extended to support groups and institutes that serve young people and children in different locations in Brazil. The objective is to work with the professionals that can directly intervene in the young person’s quality of life and guide those responsible for them.

Liz’ project:

The goal is to assist with economic empowerment and poverty alleviation of disadvantaged individuals. The project will encourage and allow the unrecognised potential of each participant to emerge and that each will leave with concrete plans that they will be able to take away and action.

In South Africa companies are battling to find skilled workers due to an educational system with low standards; yet the unemployment rate is one of the world’s highest at almost 30%. The audience is unemployed, unskilled youth aged 15 – 19 and the workshops are about giving an opportunity for the youth to raise themselves out of poverty by becoming more entrepreneurial, more marketable and creating new sources of income. 


Each project has been awarded 1 x Identity and Landscape Kit and 12 x Starter Kits. Reports about the project will be posted here in due time.