The’ new’ words become part of our vocabulary: social distancing, quarantine, isolation. And we are all hoping another word will be added soon: to unlock.

As people we want to get outdoor, meet others .. socialize again. You can look at it from a evolutionary perspective: the human is a social animal. From a sociological points of view that people seek commonality, which is why we are on this social network … or mention that the human being needs social interaction, has a need to use its senses,  wants to interact with an economical purpose or a feeling of well-being. Whatever science you want to address, you also can just look around, listen to people, talk virtually with them and sense … people  want to meet others again.

Within in the next weeks and months’ unlocking will happen or is already happening. And on the road towards the ‘new normal’ we will experiment and experience the continues search of balance between health, socializing … AND re-starting your business!

And that is exactly one of the things I’m doing while at home.

Like so many business areas, also my business of learning together in a psychical setting has to rethink some of the habits. Of course the online experience has learned me and others, there are other ways of meeting people as well. But still, we -the people- want to go out, meet others ..touch and feel again, conversate, discuss, learn and develop. So, how does that work .. bringing people together on a learning journey and keep the social (physical) distance.


Part of a LEGO SERIOUS PLAY training and workshop is the groupwork where the participants literally work and (re-)build together on a model. So, how is that going to happen … “keeping the distance” ?

As part of my home-work I began to develop a protocol for training. I started making a list of the different stages of the training, for instance: 1. Entrance of the participants. The question I asked myself … How can I realize that participants don’t come in as one group ? My answer until now (new insights evolve every time?) … three steps:

1.       Inform people that the venue is open half hour before the training, so enough time to settle down.

2.       Ask them to keep distance to moment they walk into the room.

3.       Ask them to take their drink one by one (coffee/tea/water) and take it to the their table to start the conversation with the other participants from there.

And so I started summarizing and working on other parts of the training:

·         The set-up of the room: how are the tables organized?

·         How many people can be part of the training if you have a … square meters room and want to keep distance between participants?

·         How can you make sure people can still see each other’s models and ask questions?

·         What kind of disinfectants are present?

·         … and the big question …how are we going to do the group models when you have to keep 1,5 meters distance (that is the Dutch social distancing rule …other countries might have 2 meters)

So, I’m working on a protocol to make that happen as well.

Maybe you want to share your thoughts on this ?