Is the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method and virtual meetings mutually exclusive?

Does the Corona pandemic and Social Distancing mean that using LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method is on hold?

In short: No, it does not.

It is not a difficult question. However, it is also not the question one should ask one-self.

It does not take a rocket scientist to see that we have the technology which makes it possible.

So instead of asking “Can I do LEGO SERIOUS PLAY virtually?” then I would suggest first to ask: “Do I want to do LEGO SERIOUS PLAY virtually?”, possibly followed by a “How?”

The first of these two questions is important because some of the very things that makes this such a powerful method, also means that there are breaking points, where the power is diluted, and it becomes a Zoom connection and some LEGO bricks.  Different facilitators have different favorites here, but I cannot help thinking about tactile elements such as touching and moving models in landscaping and shared model building, the intensity of playing emergence, not to mention the spatial activities of walking around models and playing with proportions in size and height.

Thus, if your answer to the first question is “yes” then there are things to consider. These are pretty similar whether you are looking at it from a client/participant perspective or from a facilitator perspective.

The Litmus test or multiple choice I would throw at myself (or at my external facilitator) would go pretty much like this:

  •  Is this offer based my needs or their needs?
  •  Do I/they need to sell this, or is it about creating value in the BEST way in THIS situation
  • Is this opportunistic or client centric?
  • Is this “relevant,” so would this offer at this price also be considered valuable if the Corona was NOT here, whether after or before the pandemic
  • Is this kept Simple –Technically possible does not mean Really Valuable
  • Is this kept Safe – The absence of a shared physical space makes it much harder for the mentalizing network in the brain to understand other people, and thus to feel safe
  • Does it keep everyone involved and engaged

If all of these cannot be answered with a resounding YES; then circle back and look at the chosen format.  Maybe it is better to bring a LEGO SERIOUS PLAY mentality, than the actual LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method. Always, protect 100/100 engagement.