Who would have thought that the most important  delivery standard of a LEGO SERIOUS PLAY workshop or training would be “Safety First”.

Until recently we were talking about delivering elements of play, how to support flow in a workshop, respecting the core process, the basic rules of facilitation. And of course safety was always there in terms of ‘emergency exit’, food allergies, first aid kit … I mean …what could happen, someone throwing a brick at you ? Okay …the elephant is big … but still ..

Recently I wrote a blog about the 1.5 meter Training, reflecting on the need of distance between people which is a rule in quite some countries. And people themselves also have to get used again being nearby others. So, how do you facilitate a training or workshops ?
I got some nice remarks and insights and talked with some people. As a result I like to share some of those insights.

  • Check in with your participants and ask them about their health: no cold, no temperature .. awareness of a risk through recent contacts ?
  • Get in touch with the venue / client and talk with them about what they have done. Talk about how people can get in, size of the training room, the way they organize breaks and coffee/tea/lunch, the bathroom.
  • Make sure there is circulation in the room, either by airco or opening up windows/doors. Only make sure people are never standing in the circulation stream itself.
  • Take into account the General hygiene rules we all know about: washing your hands, coughing into the arm.
  • We offer a personal hygiene set.
  • Participants work -when possible- with their own set of bricks.
  • Every participants gets a personal INFO-Sheet with the most important Rules and Tips for their personal and safety of the other group members.
  • On the tables there is at least one seat between participants not taken.
  • When building together we regulate the dynamics through a rotation system
  • During that process we introduce some observation techniques to keep challenging the mind and keep attention density high.
  • For this we extracted insights from the disruptive Innovation Techniques from Clay Christensen, Amy Hermans’ The Art of Perception and the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method itself.

Let’s play seriously safe.