At this time and after the arrival of COVID-19, it is normal to listen to people using a word that suddenly appeared and that, although it makes sense and meaning, seems to me to be too hasty to use: REINVENT.

REINVENTION suggests starting from absolute zero or making a change so radical that it seems that everything is entirely new,’s fine, but before REINVENTING something, there are many other things we can also do that will lead us to take better decisions and structure a more solid path to the now-popular REINVENTION!

Before starting from scratch we can work with what we have as people and organizations in an orderly way with actions such as: 

·         RENOVATE


·         REPLACE


·         RECONNECT

·         REFOCUS

·         RE-FRAME

·         RE-ROAD

·         RETHINK

·         CHANGE

·         INNOVATE

All of the above goes hand in hand with the 3rd way of innovation (David Robertson), which basically talks about thinking around the box and creating a complementary environment to enhance star products or crown jewels; that’s why REINVENTING sounds loud, confusing, and tricky.

Now we will have to adapt to the new ways of social relationship, ways of work and to the new reality that is presented to us; That is why creativity, imagination and the construction of projective scenarios, where we can play the future and learn from the past, are going to be very useful since we realized that we definitely live in changing environments and that we have to make the best decisions in flight. …sounds familiar?

Changing environments? In-flight decisions? Connect? Build scenarios? Imaginations? Play emergence? Connections? …

But of course! That’s LEGO SERIOUS PLAY! 

We who are certified LSP facilitators, who know the power of LSP and who know its scope, have the best weapon in our hands to help our clients, be they people or organizations, inviting them to “play seriously” and be able to analyze reality differently, to make better decisions, to learn from the past and to know what to do when the unexpected appears.

With a good use of the methodology, as we were trained, with well-designed workshops, knowing and validating that BIG QUESTION that the client wants to answer, we WILL accompany the change processes in any of the steps mentioned above without having to reach absolute zero or to the famous REINVENTION.

The market will need methodologies that really allows us to see things differently, that facilitate decision-making and that allow us to learn not only from ourselves but from the environment; that is why the invitation is to strengthen ourselves as facilitators and community, in order to grow and take advantage of all the power of LSP.

And to our clients we can say with all certainty: Don’t reinvent yourself, not yet… reconnect first! And I have the precise tool to help you in the process … LSP.

That must be our north and the solid argument against these crazy times that we had to live.