The Global Community Meeting has just ended and, as usual, I continue to feel the set of emotions that it left on me.

But this is year was special. Covid forced many of us to stay at home, many restrictions also for those who can travel, the number of infections had started to increase again… and I really did not know what to expect.

More than once I supposed I could not participate.

Until September there were no flights, and when I finally found them, my return ticket was canceled at the very last moment, forcing me to leave Billund one day in advance.

So I questioned me on the convenience to go or not to Billund, in terms of costs (as most of us, this is not the period of my life I’m gaining more) in terms of effort and also in terms of “value”.

I asked to myself: “how valuable this experience could have been? – Am I sure it is worth going?”

But I knew that these are redundant questions, and the answer arrived easy and fast … simply “YES IT IS”!

It is valuable for me and it is valuable for the community, in respect of those, like me, that are waiting for this moment year after year and in respect of our Master Trainer Robert and Per, that despite all the difficulties they understood how much important, especially this year, to live this moment together.

The results of this “hybrid” experience overcome my expectations!

The first big gift was the refreshing sessions, led directly from Robert & Per that gave us a clear view of the “right directions” on how we are doing what we do, thinking about our thinking about LSP.  An extremely insightful and intense day.

The conference in presence started with a little sense of sadness. We were so few in such a large room. I missed the noises, the laughter, the hugs, the confusion. I missed so many friends, I missed the “wine ladies” so much…

But when Per opened the work, our small group was able to fill soon the empty room. We knew that we are not alone. There were more than 150 fellows from all over the world, that were there with us, some like Mercedes, woke up at 2 am to join the conference ?

So, in perfect PER time, the show started. The level of the presentations was very high, with a lot of insights and ideas and some very touchable moments from Rob Drent and Mayara Bortolotto.

The day after I had to leave Billund with the flight of 6 am, losing the morning’s work, but at 13:30 I was at home in front of my screen and was amazing to meet all the other fellows. There were so much energy and passion running on the “air”. It was a magic moment, especially when we had some technical issues and connection with Billund fell. Sebastian Esteverena started to play his guitar live, a real a magic moment where distance disappeared leaving the place to the passion and the joy, reinforcing the pleasure to stay together, even just in front of a screen.

What amazing community is this!

During this incredible year we become closer, we found a different way to be much more connected, to share our feelings, our difficulties, our value, to inspire each other, to generate new ideas and new projects. The Coffee chats, The OSH events and many other appointments (with the Wine ladies and le Carbonelle) were so important during the lockdown and brought out the best of ourselves. This is a big gift that all of us have the duty to take care!

And Billund was the right way to celebrate it!

So, Thank you Per Kristiansen, and Robert Rasmussen and Michel Cloosterman and Kare Kristiansen, for refusing you to be beaten by the situation and for not having allowed the infection of the Beast to stop this incredible, inspiring event.

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Global Community Meeting 2020. Proud to be a part of it.

With gratitude

See you next year