Dealing with an objection is a core part of a salesperson’s everyday life. But if you think this topic doesn’t concern yourself too, you’re wrong!

In my previous life, I spent almost 20 years in the sales & trade marketing departments of 2 large multinational Companies where I used to be a Sales Director. During this long experience, I had the opportunity to lead many Sales teams and to deal with many customer objections.

As a consultant and trainer, I continued to deal with sales organizations. But the Salesperson is a strange «animal» and train effective Salespeople is not the same as train others… but, give a hand to their brains and you will find a treasure.

So, since I certified in LSP I have tried to use the methodology to design workshops on sales topics, in order to be able to engage more my audience and to unlock the great knowledge that the salespeople have.

During the last conference in Billund I decided to share my experience with all the community and, with great pleasure, I discovered that this topic is interesting for many colleagues (Actually my friend @Fabrizio Faraco told me long ago… but, you know…).

So, driven by the enthusiasm of some colleagues who decided to be my guinea pig (@Laxman Murugappan, @Laetitia Ramberti, @Mihaela Danciu and @Matthias Renner) I tested a new remote the version of #Handling Objections, which is one of my Brick4Sales workshops.

The results were very positive, and this pushed me to share the workshop roadmap with my Master Trainer @Per Kristiansen (who had already given me some advice earlier) with the intent to create a facilitator-to-community workshop.

In a couple of months, I had the chance to facilitate 20 LSP facilitators receiving a lot of incredibly positive feedback and many valuable suggestions including those from @Gloria Leon, that I had the honor to have in one of the sessions. This allowed me to fix some small details improving, even more, the final results.

Coming back to the workshop.

All of us in our life, consciously or unconsciously, spend time handling objections.

Whether it is about timing, logistics, organization, or budget concerns, customers can often find a reason to push back on what you’re offering.

Despite this being frustrating, objections are an opportunity for you to establish and cement credibility with your clients.

But for this to happen, before starting dealing, you need to step back and understand why objections arise, what is behind the request, what you can do to answer in the right way to your customer.

So, the goal of the workshop is not only to explore these questions but to go over and make visible the impact of your decisions and actions on the customer relationship system you built.

Some details

The goals:

·      Understanding what an objection is and how to handle it

·      Test a real case of own choice and a solution that can be immediately implemented.

·      The application of Lego® Serious Play® on a different topic

·      A great moment of sharing and mutual inspiration

Time and target:

This is a remote workshop of 5 ½ hrs, dedicated to LSP facilitators and LSP expert users. Each session will be attended by a maximum of 5 people, to ensure everyone a full and meaningful experience.

The Materials:

Almost 200 assorted Lego® bricks. Ideally, a set that matches a starter kit (plus additional mini figures) or 5/6 window explorer bags + a large base (38×38) or 2 medium bases (32×32) to place the models + some additional flags

The roadmap:

·      You work on one of your own customers, better if a difficult one.

·      You put yourself in its shoes to better understand its needs.

·      With the eyes of the customer, you build your external professional identity.

·      You explore the objections, known and potential, it can move to push back your offer.

·      You choose the possible actions you will take to handle them.

·      You play, in a safe space, the impact of your decisions on the entire system.


So, this is a nice story where an important topic (handling objection) meets a powerful methodology (LSP) and a group of skilled and generous people belonging to an amazing community, that stimulate and push me to go forward with this initiative.

 A lot of gratitude to all those who supported me in this journey.