After a year and a few more months of living in a “new reality” that turned everything upside down, where the unexpected appeared without even giving a slightest hint (because no one, not even the famous bat, was ready), we should already know which way to go or at least we should have already made and take some important decisions for the course of our life; very surely it has not been easy and many people in the world are still lost, disoriented and aimless, not knowing what to do … what decisions to make.

I think that, especially in times like the ones we currently live in, it is very important to take the time to see things from another perspective and with different eyes, as well as when we see them through our much loved LSP methodology, in a purposeful, fun but serious way, committed, in colors and more than anything, very real. Although it is true the LSP methodology is very powerful and each part is very well thought out and geared within it, the concept of SIMPLE GUIDING PRINCIPLE for me, is something revealing and that really adds indescribable value to the decisions that can be taken to changes as drastic as this that we have to live, that life imposed on us and that has made us lose sleep and tranquility.

It is a very enriching exercise to think about our own SGP, which will help us make the best decisions to move forward, now that the environment changes and continues to change and will continue, now that this crazy dynamics are more alive than ever in our history.

There may be “generic” SGP to call them somehow, that can be applied to everyone at the moment such as: “surrender is not an option”, “work hard in the crisis”, “search within yourself” … in short, there are all kinds and They are very well, but the real challenge is to find our own SGP, those powerful personal and non-transferable tools that will become our mark and define our walk along this uncertain path that we live.

It is clear that the SGP are not the solution as such, but they tell us what to do, they mark a part of the path for us and make that walk more adjusted to us and our reality.

Something that remained of this pandemic and in the search for my own SGP was a situation that happened to me with two of my mentors and I proceed to tell you the history:

I am a person who speaks a lot, I have a facility for words and therefore, on occasions, also a certain tendency not to specify some ideas; in a virtual exercise with these dear friends, after I spoke, one of them asked me:

– “Jaime, do you use Twitter?”

-Not really – I said with properly and, in order to justify my little connection with that social network, I told him that I did not agree that they closed me the possibility of speaking at 300 characters, that I needed more than that to be able to give a good argument!

It was when my mentor told me:

– When you speak, you must Tweet your ideas!

He did not say anything else to me, I was left with my jaw dropped to the floor, there was an approving silence on both sides and the learning was clear: behind that phrase is “to be more concrete, not spending oneself in going round and round in circles to get to the same point; some moments will require context, others need to be concrete, to be “twitted.”

We must be alert to be able to recognize our SGP, discover the learning that exists behind them and act accordingly.

As I said before, it is not easy, but it is a liberating exercise that will take us to reach the next level, to better adapt to the realities that come to our way and why not to walk more safely. The decision is up to each one, but the guide is given.

It happens in LSP… it happens in real life!

PS: if you read this post, I would like you to share with me the SGP you discovered in this time of pandemic, in the comments bellow. Thanks