During my experience as Change Management Consultant I have heard many times that clients tend to fall of their strategic goals for lack of leadership development and change management.  I notice they fail because they treat both leadership development and change management as separate rather than interrelated challenges, Cultural changes cannot happen without a good development of leadership.

I always approach them as one at the same time, and  LEGO(r) SERIOUS PLAY(r) Method (LSP)  helps them to find out how to coordinate their leadership development and change management efforts.

The Method helps at all levels of an organization to overcome resistance of the cultural change that they are facing to find necessary component to succeed in a culture-change initiative,  in this way Change initiatives becomes the best  learning environments  to develop leadership skills.

The process begins with executives building with LSP desired results for change management/leadership programs.   Once the goal is clear and accepted, executives can identify potential leaders throughout the organization to engage in the leadership development/change management process.

Then I involve those leaders to engage them  in workshops using LSP  to  learn how to enact a desired change giving space to their teams to share  the everyday experiences of organizational life.

With LSP Leaders have the space to  reflected on the experience and use their own (and others) reflections to  plan subsequent actions.  LSP Method help people to  commit to accompanying deadlines, and to participate activley in subsequent  actions.   I see it as a  top-down process creates structure and motivation for employees to maintain engagement in the change/leadership development process,  it also provides emotional and social support potential leaders.

Once the structure and motivation is secured and outlined,   leaders can learn change or adapt different soft skills from their experiences  and reflections,   learning from each other as well as from their own efforts.

LSP helps to build   drive bottom-up cultural change that provides leadership training in itself.