What to look for  in our business, before returning to the “new normal”.

During these days, I  am having the opportunity to spend time (without rush)  with my partners, colleagues,  clients and found that no matter the role we have in our professional life, today everybody main worry is “sustainability”.  How to adapt ourselves to the “new reality”.

Particularly in each group I got some outcomes that if we put them together we could continue moving forward and being sustainable:

Accepting  the uncertainty, recognizing we cannot manage it. Its time to take risks and try  new courses of action.

Pursuing smallest workable strategies, based in our customers behavioral changes, not in old past data.

 To know about our customers behaviors, lets watch them to provoke responses to learn about what do they really need.  Create the conditions to force them to make a choice.

Face uncertainty with transparency and continuous experimentation, accepting sometimes we do not know. Let´s execute strategies open to correction if it will not achieve the goal.

 Improve our ability to ask questions to unlock new knowledge.

Let´s question our own “status quo” and challenge  ourselves on how we used to do our jobs. Let´s forget all the assumptions of the future we tend to do.    To filter these natural behavior we could ask ourselves:

  •  WHAT NEEDS TO BE TRUE?, the answers must be aligned with our expectations to ensure our goals are viable.
  •  WHAT UNIQUE DATA CAN WE CREATE TO GENERATE NEW INSIGHTS?.  If we are precise in our answers we will be able to improve our strategy and decisions.

 LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method is a great tool to adopt unusual strategies to move beyond the constraints of best practices to be sustainable in this “new normal”.